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Carapax canopy systems

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Who are we?

Carapax is the recognised market leader in site enhancement systems with over 20 years of experience. We design, manufacture and install an exclusive range of canopy systems, enabling a permanent multifunctional display for all weathers and times of year. Carapax smoothly curving profile embodies aesthetic elegance and the facility provides an effective backdrop to all your sales exhibits and presentations.

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A range of canopies and screens we provide

Our canopy sizes range from 4 x 4.5m to 8 x 5m and can be linked together. We also supply and install screens which are very popular within the car wash community.


Our sturdy Four Post Units are very popular amongst Hand Car Washes, Playgroups and Schools.

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Our cantilever canopies are perfect for busy businesses leaving more room for vehicles to manoeuvre freely around your site. These are ideal for Car Showroom Forecourts, Super Market Car Parks and Hand Car Washes.

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Our Triple glazed polycarbonate screens are a perfect addition to any Hand Car Wash which can be stand alone or installed within the canopy.

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We have an experienced groundwork team on board who are available to dig your footings should you wish to use them.


canopy installations

Four post unit 7.5 x 5.5m.jpg
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16 x 5m cantilever...jpg
16 x 10m cantilever canopy.jpg
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If you would like a quote or any more information, please drop us an email by filling in the below. Please include where you are based.

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